auto alt and title tag for Image SEO – Blogger Script

add auto alt and title tag for Image SEO in Blogger Script

Image Alt tagGive the auto alt and title tag will help you to Getting a mass Traffic to your website as well Reduce the error and make a Search Engine Optimisation friendly Web Page for the Search Engine.


I have Seen many auto alt and title tag as well auto title tag generator Scripts for Bloggers but almost them were not working so I have come Up with this Latest working auto title/alt tag

How this Script Works?

This is a very simple JavaScript which will add the alt tag as well title tag to your images automatically. Alt tag is the tag which is used to display your alternate text to the image. Sometimes it may happens that your images is not opening due to slow internet speed. At that time your alt text will be displayed instead of images.

What is Title tag ?

Title Tag is the attribute added to the <img> tag in order to add title to the images.As you know that the title for the post is important like wise the Title for the images plays that much important role. Title tag over the images can be observed when we mouse over the image.

In order to have a demo of the title tag.Just mouse over the image given in the left side corner. It will be displayed as shown below.


How to add auto alt & Title tag to blogger.

In order to add this auto alt & title tag to the every images in blogger.You have to add a simple script to the blogger  blog. Follow the simple steps to install this script to blog.

  1. Go to
  2. Go to templates and backup your template.
  3. Now click on Edit HTML to add the script manually.
  4. Search for </body> tag
  5. Add the following code just before the </body> tag and Save the template.
    <script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
    //SEO SCRIPT By -
    <script type='text/javascript'>
    $(document).ready(function() {
    var $img = $(this);
    var filename = $img.attr('src')
    $img.attr('title', filename.substring((filename.lastIndexOf('/'))+1, filename.lastIndexOf('.')));
    $img.attr('alt', filename.substring((filename.lastIndexOf('/'))+1, filename.lastIndexOf('.')));
  6. You are Done !!!

you have successfully installed the auto alt & title tag script to the blog. In order to check this script. Mouse over  the any image you will see the name of the image.

How to Install WordPress In Localhost in Laptop or PC

How to Install WordPress in Localhost – Tutorial

Many of my friends know about the WordPress blog but they don’t want to know how to install WordPress in localhost. So I have decided to write this post for all those upcoming and new bloggers who want to know about it. Before you move forward let me clear the term WordPress. Before we go on how to install wordpress in localhost, read some basics of wordpress.

What is WordPress ?

WordPress is the open source Content Management System (CMS) used to create a blog, website and more ever it is framework for those who know how to play with the PHP and MySQL.

Many of the Persons are creating a beautiful and awesome Website using this WordPress CMS by using it as a Framework and customizing it. You can create e-commerce website, Static website and Of Course a blog. :)

Install WordPress in Localhost
Install WordPress in Localhost

How to install WordPress in localhost

In order to install WordPress in localhost you must have Must have local server installed on it like an Apache, XAMPP or WAMP. If you don’t have any of them then kindly install it and then move further.

Now follow the below steps in order to install WordPress in localhost.

Step 1 : Download WordPress CMS from the official website. Click here to Download

Step 2 : Start the Local Server ( XAMPP or WAMP )

Step 3 : Go to C:\wamp\www\ and create a new Folder. ( Let the name be XYZ )

Step 4 : Copy the WordPress (.zip) folder and paste in the C:\wamp\www\XYZ and extract it.

Step 5 : Now open any web browser and open URL or http://Localhost/PhpMyAdmin

Step 6 : Click on Database tab on the top. and create a new database with name WordPress.

Step 7: Open URL. 127.0.01/XYZ/ or Localhost/XYZ/

Step 8. You have to create a WordPress Configuration File for your local blog. Click on Create a Configuration File then click on Let’s go!.Now you will the screen as shown below.

WordPress Configuration File

Fill the details as follow:

Database Name : WordPress

User Name : Root

Password : (Keep it blank)

Database Host : localhost

Table Prefix: wp_

and click on Submit you will see the Congratulations message on the next page. Click on Run the install and in order to complete the process to install WordPress in localhost.

Step 9 : you will see the Welcome page  with a form inside it. fill up the details as per your need and Click on Install WordPress. You will see the Success Message.

Step 10. Click on login and you will see the Log in screen on your browser. This is nothing but the admin log in panel for your blog. Enter the user name and password you have entered in the Step 9. You will be entered in the Dashboard of your blog.

How to Replace WordPress logo by your logo in Login panel

You are Done.!! Now you can customize your blog from here. you can add a New post from here , change the theme, add the plugins and Appearance.

your local wordpress blog url : http://localhost/XYZ

Your Admin Dashboard Login page : http://localhost/XYZ/wp-admin

Hope you get solution on how to install wordpress in localhost! After installing wordpress in localhost  you can try few of our tweeks like “blank wordpress page” and adding Affiliate marketing plugins.

In my next post I will show you how to change the theme in your WordPress blog  add the plugins. If you have any questions related to this post (install wordpress on localhost) or want to know something more about it then post it as a comment. I’ll publish it as my next post.

Top Blogging Apps for Blackberry Smartphone

List of Top Blogging Apps for Blackberry Smartphone

The craze of blogging is increasing day by day and the it is very important factor to be pro blogger is the Regularity .and we all know that Blackberry smartphones mobile phones have been categorized as business-only smartphones but now a days the youngsters are keeping the Blackberry smartphones for the Personality and enjoying Other I have decided to share a Top Blogging Apps for Blackberry Smartphone.

The craze of blogging is increasing day by day and the it is very important factor to be pro blogger is the Regularity .and we all know that Blackberry smartphones mobile phones have been categorized as business-only smartphones but now a days the youngsters are keeping the Blackberry smartphones for the Personality and enjoying Other I have decided to share a Top Blogging Apps for Blackberry Smartphone.

Many Bloggers are using the Blackberry Smartphone for Blogging and using the Browser for posting and the blogging Platform so I here i am Listing the List of the Top Blogging Apps for the Blackberry Mobile which will Help them to be in Contact with their Blog regularly.

List of Top Blogging Apps for BlackBerry Smartphone

1. WordPress

WordPress is the top most blogging Platform used by blogger and almost 65-70% websites on the Internet are on wordPress Platform.So If you want to download the WordPress Apps for Blackberry Smartphone then you can do it easily and use the WordPress Platform in the blackberry phone to post,comment and moderate your blog.

you can Download it from

2.Blog Launcher

Blog launcher Apps for Blackberry smartphone will help you to use the different different Blogging Platforms like Posterous, Squarespace, wordpress and Blogger from the same App.There is simple Interfae which will Pop up on launching.

3.Blog Live

Blog Live Apps for Blackberry Smartphone is a very popular and the Powerful Apps which enables us to update the Blog from the Blackberry Smartphone.This Apps will enables you to make a post , moderate the Older post and many Functionalities.Here I am listing the some Features as

  • Create,Delete and Update Posts Efficiently.
  • Supports Mulitple Blog Accounts.
  • All the Important Mobile Blogging Platforms Supported like typepad,wordpress etc.
  • Library Support for Repeatative Keywords and Phrases.
  • Enhaced Text Editor


Typepad is the another Apps and a platform used for the Blogging Purpose by the Bloggers and Typepad Apps is also available on the Blackberry Smartphone as like the every Apps typepad will allows us to create , update and modify the blogpost and keeps us updated with our Blog.

5.Mommy Blog

Mommy Blog Apps for Blackberry Smartphones is used to stay in touch with your blog via your blackberry Smartphone.As the name suggests it represents the trials as well the tribulations who are full time homemaker or a full time employer.

Blogging and the Smartphones are the Hot Niches upcoming in 2013.So if we Combine these both for a Blogging purpose then There are a lots of chances to rock in the Blogging in 2013.Hope you will be happy with the list of Top Blogging Apps for Blackberry smartphone in 2012-2013.

How to Right Click on touch Screen laptop-tablets (Windows 8)

How to Right Click on touch Screen laptop-tablets (Window 8)

Before a couple of days one of my friend bought a new Sony Full Touch Screen Laptop but he don’t know how do he can right click on touch screen laptop. I think the same question will be arises in the mind of the fully touch screen tablets users. As  a solution for them and many more friends like him, I’m writing this post under title ” How do I Right click on touch screen laptops-tablets.”

Now a days it is a trend for the Windows 8 operating systems and almost Windows devices are Touch screen. But for Windows “Right-click” is the old trend which hasn’t embraces in the one of the most popular OS iphone.

right click on touch screen

all the windows supported mice are with 2 buttons and the scrolling wheel in between them. Usually user click “Left Click ” button to select the particular file or folder where as the “Right-click” button is used to get the options for that specific file. Now the main question is that Touch screen devices such a touch screen laptop or tablets do not have a mouse in it , so the question arise is that how do I right click ? Is it possible to right click on touch screen devices ?

Must Read :

Yes, you can right click on the touch screen laptops as well the tablets as follows:

step 1 . Put your finger on  the specific file or folder on which you would like to “right click” , After you do so, slightly slide the finger downwards and after few ( around 2 seconds) you will see a rotating circle on the specific file or Folder.

Step 2.  Now leave the finger from the screen and you will see the right click menu on the specific file or folder.

Step 3.  Now you can do any of the action that can be done with it.

I have personally tried this on the Sony Touch screen laptop and Tablet too. It is working very well with me. Hope it will work with you.Still One of my friend ask me :

How can I copy-paste the selected files to the another folder.

The funda of right click on touch screen devices applies here.

In order to copy paste a selected files and Folder to the another Folder you have to follow the simple steps as described below.

Step 1 :  Select the folder with pressing CTRL key .

step 2: Put your finger slightly on the any of the selected folder for 2 seconds and scroll down gently.

Step 3. Release the key as you see the circle around your  finger. As you release the finger from the screen . There will be a menu with the items. Select the copy option and go to the desired Folder.

Step 4. Once more touch the screen for few seconds and scroll down very slowly and release the Finger. you will see a menu with item “PASTE”.  Touch the paste and you are done.

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You will see that the selected files and folder are copied to the specific folder. Still If you have any Problem feel free to ask in the comment form below.

Create blank wordpress page with No Sidebar, No Header, No Footer

Create WordPress Blank Page with No Sidebar, No Header, No Footer

In this guide I’m gonna show you how to create totally blank WordPress page with no sidebar,no header and no footer Just Blank WordPress page. You can edit this page as a html page and make as per your wish. I am creating this post on a request of friend who want a single download link on the page. I recommend him to upload the html page to the root directory but he said that he want many pages with the download link and it is quite boring to create such a large number of pages. So as a solution for him and a tutorial for you I am writing this post.

How to create page with No Sidebar in WordPress ?

It is quite easy to make a blank WordPress page. Let me tell you how to do this. In order to create such a page follow the Step by step Instructions.

Step 1. first of all open your hosting account and open the directory where the Current WordPress theme files are hosted..

Step 2. Open notepad and create one php file with named no-sidebar.php and add the following code to it.

Template Name: No Sidebar
Template By : Techbymak
Tempalte designed By : Akshay Makadiya
<?php get_header(); ?>
<?php if ( have_posts() ) : while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>
<div style=”width:850px !important;”>
<?php the_content(‘
Read More »</p>’); ?>
<?php edit_post_link(‘Update this post’, ‘<p>’, ‘</p>’); ?>
<?php endwhile; else: ?>
<p><?php _e(‘ooops!! , No match found’); ?></p>
<?php endif; ?>
<?php get_footer(); ?>


Step 3. Save it and upload to the directory.

Step 4. In order to create a blank WordPress page. Open your blog dashboard and go to the Pages and select Add New

Step 5. Select the template as No sidebar and edit the content and Publish the post.

No Sidebar WordPressYou are done. You can see that the published post will be with no sidebar in the output page.

How to create page with No Sidebar No header and No Footer in WordPress ?

In the above tutorial I have taught you how to create a blank page in WordPress without sidebar like wise in this post you will come to know about the creation of the blank/empty WordPress page without sidebar,footer and header.

You just need to customize the above above code in order to create the blank/empty WordPress page without sidebar.

You just need to customize the Step 2 in the above post. Remove the <?php get_footer(); ?> and <?php get_header(); ?> from the code and save the template. and follow the rest of the steps.

You can make it more customized by removing either <?php get_footer(); ?> . This will create a page with No Footer and No sidebar. like wise by removing only <?php get_header(); ?> will remove the Header section and sidebar of your blog and make it without sidebar and without header.

I recommend you to try this tutorial by installing wordpress on localhost and then apply the same code at server.

So you can play with this code and customize the page as per your wish and as you wish.still If you are facing any problem to create blank page in WordPress without Sidebar and No header and No Footer then feel free to comment on this post. Our team will help you to create such a page for free.

Facebook Proxy Websites 2015 at School and Office

List of best and Working Facebook Proxy Websites for School and office in 2015.

If you are belongs to some school, College of Office then you might be Reading this article. This is very common at these places that the Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are blocked at these places. Hence the employee or the students are searching for the alternate ways to access the Facebook and Proxy websites help them to do so.Facebook Proxy websites helps you to bypass the Firewall and allows you to access the Facebook.

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It is very common that management has already blocked some of the major Facebook proxy websites. Hence the people are searching for the proxy websites that are not known by the Management team. So that they can access Facebook and YouTube during their working time.

In this Post I’m going to give you a list of the few unknown best and Free Working Facebook Proxy websites in the year 2014. Since I’m belongs to the college and the Facebook is blocked here, It helps me to write this post. Because I have tried this personally, I’m using it at my Hostel.

This websites will helps you to bypass the firewall and access the secure and fast access to the

Working Facebook Proxy Websites 2015 –

Turkoxy is a one of the best Facebook Proxy website I ever seen. It is just like a Facebook only. You can’t distinguish between the Facebook and Turkoxy. Just the difference is in URL. You will see that the every FACEBOOK.COM word is replaced by Turkoxy.COM.

I’m sure if Turkoxy is working at your office or College then you will not search for the any other proxy website.

You will feel like a Facebook only while you are using the Even you can chat and update status, upload photos, videos and use Facebook application.

Just Like Turkoxy this might be designed by Chinese people or for the Chinese people. This is the same website as the Facebook and Turkoxy. Chinoxy allows us to access the Facebook as a Proxy website from Office or School.

Sometimes the servers of the are down so, you can try other facebook Proxy Websites as an alternative.

You may say the Proxymice as the sister of the Turkoxy and Chinoxy. This is using many servers for the clients so that you can use the Proxymice as a Facebook proxy website.

One more thing I have noticed about this website is that if is blocked then try It will work for you and you will be able to enjoy the Facebook at your College or Office.

Some of the famous proxymice servers are :


facebridge- Facebook Proxy Websites -The Best Facebook Proxy

It is just like all of the above but the difference is that you have to add the extension in the Chrome for the so that you can use it as a Facebook Proxy Website and Enjoy the Facebook in Colleges and Office.

It is very similar to the all of the above listed Facebook Proxy websites. You can update status and share any photos or videos with friends just like Facebook. You can’t distinguish between Facebook and

List of new working facebook proxy websites for school.
Math Course
Unlock My Web –
Proxy Site –
Hide My Ass –
Free YouTube Proxy –
Proxy –
England Proxy –
Unblocker –
Fast USA Proxy –
Anonymouse –
Hidden Digital Info –
Anony Mizer –
K Proxy –
Don’t Filter –
Working Proxy –
Proxy 2014 –
Prox Me Call Me Names –
Change IP & Country –
VTunnel –
Rapid Proxy –
Ninja Cloak –
Proxyo –
DeFilter –
Quick Proxy –
Free Proxy Server –
The Best Proxy –
VPN Browse –
Proxy 2014 –
Just Proxy –
Extreme Proxy –
Fast School Proxy –
Remove Filters –
Monster Proxy –
Hide Me Ass –
UK – Proxy –
Proxy One –
Hide The Internet –
Web Proxy Free –
World Cup Proxy –
View Youtube –
Proxay –
Greatest Free Proxy –
Mega Proxy –
Crazy Proxy –
IP Switcher –
Hide My Trax Proxy –
Stardoll Proxy –
Proxy 4 Freedom –
Proxify –
Ninja Clock –
AnonyMouse –
AnonyMizer –
kProxy –
HideMyAss –
Zfreez –
Vobas –
Don’t Filter –
Vtunnel – –
New Ip Now – –
4everproxy –
Unblock My Web –
YouTube Unblock Proxy –
Working Proxy –
Free Open Proxy –
Proxy 2014 –
Unblock YouTube Free –
Free YouTube –
HideOnline Proxy –
Rapid Proxy –
Unblock YouTube Beat School –
Hiding Your Info –
Unblocker –
Fast USA Proxy –
YouTube Free Proxy –
Proxyo –
Quickproxy –
Defilter –
Free Proxy Server –
Free YouProxyTube –
The Best Proxy –
Just Proxy –
Proxy-2014 –
VPN Browse –
ProxyOne –
Web Proxy Free –
Can’t Block This –
Hide The Internet –
Greatest Free Proxy –
Proxay –
ViewTube –
PRO Unblock –
HideMyTraxProxy –
Working Proxy –
Star Doll Proxy –
HideMyAss UK –
F4FP –
Proxy 4 Freedom –
WebSurf Proxy –
Fish Proxy –
DZ Hot –
1FreeProxy –
Sporium –
Saoudi Proxy –
Proxy Browse –
Proxy Internet –
Jezus Loves This Proxy –
German Proxy –
CA Proxies –
Proxy 2015 –
FB Proxies –
America Proxy –
PK Proxy –
Suede Proxy –
To Proxy –
PHProxy –
London Proxy –
Kr Proxy –
Brazil Proxy –
Canada Proxy –
US Proxy –
Spedo –
US Proxy –
You Liaoren –
Zacebook PK –
Proxys –
Justun Block IT –
Network ByPass –
Go Proxy –
Proxy This –
Me Hide –
Zalmos –
kProxy Site –
Xite Now –
Hidden Digital –
Surf For Free –
Intern Cloud –
Singapore Proxy –
PRO Intern –
Fast Time –
Work Host –
Travel VPN –
Proxy Call MeNames –
Host App –
Fun Proxy –

This was the list of the best and Free Working Proxy websites to access Facebook in the schools and offices. I have personally used this all websites and tested that all of the above listed Facebook Proxies are working for me. Hope you will be able to access the Facebook from this Facebook Proxy Websites.

Moto G Review,Specifications and Features 2015

Motorola unveils “Moto G” in trendy manner because it would be rather desperate for them to launch its low budget phone in a curious manner. Since it was mandatory for the company to stay potentially active in the market, it was needed to mash-up something innovative which would pull the market on its side. So here’s an eye splashing entry of cool ,catchy cum swanky cell-phone you were waiting for.


Specifications Of Moto G:-

  • The enigmatic size of 130*66*11.6 mm is the X-factor
  • The magnificent display Size of 4.5 Inches is indeed the intermediate dimension for the current scenario which is neither too big nor too small but is making an impact on the minds with the first look.
  • The Resolution of 1,280*720 is making MOTO G specifically ahead in the race of the cut-throat competition
  • The stylish Camera of 5 MP is attracting the customers by some kind of brain storming
  • Sideways the normal techniques like Wireless EDGE,GPS,GPRS,HSDPA are enabled
  • The lightest weight 143gm like the bunch of feathers in hand adds the feature to boost it in the purchasing race
  • Internal Memory of 8096 MB is more than enough for the storage of the applications & games

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Review : Motorola under name Droid Razr Maxx HD with 4g

Moto G Pros:-

  • Occupied with the latest & trending version 4.4 Kit Kat
  • Economical as compared to LG, SAMSUNG, SONY, pitches this device unique from others.
  • It is really compact & has got premium quality plastic which is more influenced with a view to protect it from the hazardous use
  • It consists of varieties of shades which makes it more similar to colorful iPhone 5c.

Moto G Cons:-

  • This device is not equipped with latest processor, it has quite slow processor in comparison with the modern fast processor
  • Not equipped with LTE which doesn’t make a special issue
  • Since the world is going towards 4G, in this no 4G connection can be made which proves to be the greatest disadvantage
  • Screen is not so bright and radiating colors are not vivid.
  • No HDR app in camera mode which is leading the snapshot little blurred.

Design and Build of Motorola Moto G:-

  • It’s slim and sleek which makes it handy to use it with a single arm unlike other device have screen far bigger than this but uncomfortable to use it.
  • Size of 130*66*11.6 mm is not the slimmest ever, but for 4.5 inch display the body has got curvy shape. This phone is easy to be operate means user-friendly since the new user can cop up damn easily with this.
  • The back panel is made up of the fine plastic would show cases the ‘look behind’ tag in this phone.

Features and Software Used in Moto G:-

  • General software’s and applications would be already and obviously making an easy way in this phone but the innovation has been made in the application named ‘migrate’ which makes it more important
  • Motorola Migrate is smart app and is transparently understandable. It is easy to swap or transfer the content from one phone to other.
  • The profile mode can be deliberately interchanged through this app. Meeting, Study, sleep timings, mode can be adjustable appropriately according to our general preferences.
  • The body is fantastic as it is aggregated with water repellent rubber coated back panel. This life-saving feature of the phone makes it unique from others.

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Moto G Screen and Camera :-

  • The best of all is-Video recording with HDR; for the first time in Motorola low budget phone.
  • 1.3 MP Front camera & can shoot 720 P video recording which is common ongoing requirement for the customers.
  • The camera application includes co-apps at 4.5 inch screen having least of bezels at every corner.
  • with the Screen size of 1280*720, which is the exact matching dimension with iPhone 5s
  • Even though the colours are not of the highest saturation ,326 PPI is making the screen of this device colorful & exciting.
  • Camera application is user friendly & interesting.

Technical Specifications of Moto G:

  • The Moto G is comprises with an impressive Qualcomm A7 1.2 GHz quad-core processor with 1 GB RAM with Adreno 305 GI.
  • The standard storage for Moto G is 8 GB and 16 GB .
  • There is 50 GB of additional Google drive space for Google Music. Now that is what we can say ‘amazing
  • ‘isn’t it?


The battery has been the key factor for the purchaser as the long battery life is preferable by most customers.Normally battery is backing up for a day but If you make video recording, stream video online then the fullcharging  vanishes in maximum 10 hours. Though this device features a 2070 mAh battery which is more than enough for the gadget like this.
Verdict with Moto G:-

With this model, Motorola is expecting to rule the mobile world with its affordable range in price for most of the class of people. Ignoring some issues, this mobile is worth purchasing as company has tried to give every delicate & awesome feature in very low cost. Added salt with the curry will always be beneficial for the target customers to allure by the brands.

Must have sidebar widgets for bloggers

have you added theses widgets to your sidebar ?

sidebar_widgets_SettingAfter creating a blog, It is very important to adjust the layout of the blog. Adjusting layout consists of the several parts as choose the best place for Adsense, Keep the necessary sidebar widgets and remove the unnecessary things from the blog. Using too much widgets may irritate the readers and it cause the increment in bounce rate.


So here is the list of the must have sidebar widgets for blog. Either it is wordpress or blogger, you must have to take care about it. This will definitely help you to drive more traffic to your blog.

1. Search bar

Most of the bloggers failed to add search bar in sidebar widget. But keep in mind that your blog sidebar have search box in it. It will help the users to search any thing from the post.

2. Subscription Widget

All the pro blogger’s have definitely added this subscription widget in sidebar. It will help you to drive more and more subscribers to your blog. This will turn in to loyal readers. whenever you create a new post, It will be automatically mailed to the subscriber. It is advisable to add this widget without fair.

3. Popular Post

It will catch the attraction of the readers and force them to read the post which is popular. They will be exited to know why others have read it.

4. Advertisement

If you monetize your blog and earn money out of it then it is the best sidebar widget for you. Add the various advertisement banner in sidebar and earn handsome amount of money out of it.

5. Category / label

It is recommended to add to category and labels to the sidebar widgets of your blogger. It will help the readers to find out the specific category or label out of it. If you have sticky menu then you can skip this part, cause it is already listed in the menu.

Optional sidebar Widgets

Still if you want to customize the sidebar then you can add the few more widgets to blog.

6. Top commentator

This widget will show the top commentator on your blog. A person with the maximum comments on your blog will be listed here. It is a nice way to interact with the readers and force them to comment and grab a good back link from your blog.

7. Social Sharing Buttons

If you want to increase the number of social media interactions and number of fans. Then add social sharing in sidebar widgets category to make it viral.It recommended to add Facebook,Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest followers button under this category.

8.Trending post

You might have seen that I’m often this widget to promote the new and useful post with the readers. You can use the customized HTML/Javascript widget in blogger where as Text widget to create custom Trending post.

Its is not necessary that every blog must contain these sidebar widgets. It will be useful for blog to increase the user interaction.

After surveying top blogger’s blog. I’ve written this post for those newbies who are looking for the list of the sidebar widgets.

Google Nexus 5 – Three Options Remaining

Google Nexus 5

If you’re still clamoring after news on the Google Nexus 5, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone…not even close. It’s probably the most debated and elusive smartphone of 2013 and the more time that passes, the more we have to wonder if it’s actually coming this year or any.

Well, of course it will be here eventually and as time goes by, we’re finding ourselves able to narrow down the possibilities of who exactly will be developing the new Nexus with Google.

List of the Options Remaining in Google Nexus 5

Google Nexux 5


The prime suspect from the start was LG, having done such a great job with the LG Nexus 4 and seemingly keeping its close ties with Google. Sure they may have had their hands full with the LG G2 over recent months, but it’s not looking like anyone’s in any hurry to get the new Nexus out in the wild. So regardless of executive statements to the contrary, there’s still every chance LG could be behind the Nexus 5. And considering how the G2 has just proved what the brand is capable of, we’d be very happy to see LG named as Google’s partner.


Logically speaking, you should be able to bet the farm on Motorola being the brains behind the Nexus 5. Why? Well, only because Google actually owns Motorola and the two have yet to release any collaborative effort. The Moto X is about to hit the shelves the world over, but in a few months when hype has died down, Motorola will need something pretty special to follow it up – like a Nexus.


Last up, it’s not the first name that comes to mind when thinking of high-end smartphones, but Asus is very much in with a shot. The brains behind the brand have managed to make two consecutive powerhouse Nexus 7 tablets for the lowest possible price and…if we’re honest…there’s not much difference between a 7-inch tablet and a 5-inch smartphone. So if value for money is the order of the day, as it usually is with the Google Nexus range, Asus is also a prime contender.

We’ll await word from Google before passing further judgment. Hope next update of Google nexus 5 will come up with the more features and great user interface.

By Lisa Morton

This blog post was brought to you by Lisa Morton on behalf of Click here to find out more about Consumer Checkpoint and the latest tech news.

A Killer Guide increase CTR to Make More Money from Adsense 2013

How to Increase CTR is a common question to those who want to make money out of Adsense. Google Adsense  is the very popular and a effective way to make money from blog and it is the very essential parts to monetize the blog. Almost every blogger create a blog with a dream that he/she will create a blog and put the Adsense Ads in it and will make a lots of Money out of it. Yes they are doing it but Failed to make money from the adsense.

CTR stands for Click Through Rate

CTR = (Total number of Pageviews / Total Ad Clicks)

Most of them are complaining that I’m Getting lots of Visitors but I’m not getting a proper CTR. How to increase  CTR ? I’m writing this post for them who are searching for the answer of this question.

What you have to do is nothing but play with the codes and confuse the visitors. So that you will be able to Earn More from the Adsense with Legal rules and regulations of the Privacy Policy of Google Adsense.

In order to increase CTR you must have  to redesign your blog in such a way that you should have a proper space for the advertisement in the sensitive areas like Header , Sidebar and at the end of the post.

Once you implement the ad places in the blog. Use some conditional tags to confuse the readers and let they help you to increase CTR.I have already explained the Some way to Boost up the Adsense income 2013. But here I will teach you how to do it in a live blog.

How to Increase CTR of Blogger Blog ?

I would like to explain some terms regarding the CTR that CTR stands for Click Through Rate. It is the ratio of Ad Views per Ad Click. High CTR leads to make more money out of Adsense. Make your self aware about the last sentence. High CTR doesn’t stand around the 25-50. It is the Term for those who are getting their Current CTR under the 0.50 and High CTR is nothing but around 6. If you getting the higher then it for a continues time period then your adsense account may get banned. So you have a clear idea about the term High CTR.

Now Let’s come to the point. This killer trick is nothing about the swapping the Adsense Ads with the static image on the Post page and Home Page Respectively. You have to play with the simple CSS and HTML (conditional) tags to implement this trick on the blog. I’ve seen the same on the Digital Point forum. If you wish, you can add CSS3 animation to image also.

How to implement this code in blogger blog ?

1.Go to your blogger dashboard.

2.Select Template > Edit HTML.

3. Find the name or ID of the widget and put it under the Conditional Tag.

Demo :

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;’>

Adsense Code


Image URL


This will show an image on the Home page, Archieve page and Static Pages. You can customize the same with various conditions using the blogger conditional tags.

Best Ad placement to Increase CTR.

Ad placement plays a major role to increase CTR in adsense as well on the other ad networks. After a detailed experiment I’ve founded a various places which will give you maximum out of the Ads.

Best Ad Placement


Ad Under the Title will give you maximum CTR among the rest of the place in a page. Sidebar Ad is also good. Ads in footer is the worst place for Ad Placement.

Hope this guide to Increase CTR will help you to earn more money from adsense and other Ad networks. If you have any more ideas. Let you informs us via this comment form shown below.