How to Right Click on touch Screen laptop-tablets (Windows 8)

Windows 8 Touch Screen Laptop

How to Right Click on touch Screen laptop-tablets (Window 8) Before a couple of days one of my friend bought a new Sony Full Touch Screen Laptop but he don't know how do he can right click on touch screen laptop. I think the same question will be … [Read more...]

iPhone 6 Price in Dubai 2015 – iphone 6 plus cost in UAE


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Google I/O 2015! Here’s what Google Announced!


Androind M - Google I/O 2015 Announcements Google I/O 2015 is live and Sundar Pichai, SVP is on the stage. Up to now we have received most of the news related to optimizing Android. Apart from it they are very much focused on  Android Wear, Android … [Read more...]

How to Install WordPress In Localhost in Laptop or PC


Many of my friends know about the WordPress blog but they don't want to know how to install WordPress in localhost. So I have decided to write this post for all those upcoming and new bloggers who want to know about it. Before you move forward let me … [Read more...]

Create blank wordpress page with No Sidebar, No Header, No Footer

Blank WordPress page

Create WordPress Blank Page with No Sidebar, No Header, No Footer In this guide I'm gonna show you how to create totally blank WordPress page with no sidebar,no header and no footer Just Blank WordPress page. You can edit this page as a html page … [Read more...]

How to Turn Off/ Mute WhatsApp Group Notifications Permanently?


Creating WhatsApp groups is a wonderful way of staying connected to the people on your Contacts list  but the notifications can get seriously annoying at times. Being a member of many active groups can be a great distraction if your mobile keeps … [Read more...]

Facebook Proxy Websites 2015 at School and Office


List of best and Working Facebook Proxy Websites for School and office in 2015. If you are belongs to some school, College of Office then you might be Reading this article. This is very common at these places that the Social networking websites like … [Read more...]

Best Free Android Web Browser Apps in 2015


Android Web browsers are very necessary in order to access the Internet by Android enabled smartphone. It is growing very faster now a days. Almost 80% of the teenagers have a smartphone in their pocket with Internet enabled in it. To save the time, … [Read more...]

Best Android Keyboard Apps in 2015


Best Android Keyboard Apps in 2015 Android keyboard apps are trending now a days in market. With the help of this QWERTY keyboard application users can type very fast and accurate. This apps have dictionary in it which help the users to choose the … [Read more...]

Enable Whatsapp Calling Feature in Android and iOS.


How to enable whatsapp call feature on Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows and other smartphones. Now you can talk to your friend for free using the FREE whatsapp calling. Yes it is not a joke.After successfully launching Whatsapp web to android … [Read more...]