List of best and Working Facebook Proxy Websites for School and office in 2014.

If you are belongs to some school, College of Office then you might be Reading this article. This is very common at these places that the Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are blocked at these places. Hence the employee or the students are searching for the alternate ways to access the Facebook and Proxy websites help them to do so.Facebook Proxy websites helps you to bypass the Firewall and allows you to access the Facebook.

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It is very common that management has already blocked some of the major Facebook proxy websites. Hence the people are searching for the proxy websites that are not known by the Management team. So that they can access Facebook and YouTube during their working time.

In this Post I’m going to give you a list of the few unknown best and Free Working Facebook Proxy websites in the year 2014. Since I’m belongs to the college and the Facebook is blocked here, It helps me to write this post. Because I have tried this personally, I’m using it at my Hostel.

This websites will helps you to bypass the firewall and access the secure and fast access to the

Working Facebook Proxy Websites 2014 –

Turkoxy is a one of the best Facebook Proxy website I ever seen. It is just like a Facebook only. You can’t distinguish between the Facebook and Turkoxy. Just the difference is in URL. You will see that the every FACEBOOK.COM word is replaced by Turkoxy.COM.

I’m sure if Turkoxy is working at your office or College then you will not search for the any other proxy website.

You will feel like a Facebook only while you are using the Even you can chat and update status, upload photos, videos and use Facebook application.


Just Like Turkoxy this might be designed by Chinese people or for the Chinese people. This is the same website as the Facebook and Turkoxy. Chinoxy allows us to access the Facebook as a Proxy website from Office or School.

Sometimes the servers of the are down so, you can try other facebook Proxy Websites as an alternative.


You may say the Proxymice as the sister of the Turkoxy and Chinoxy. This is using many servers for the clients so that you can use the Proxymice as a Facebook proxy website.

One more thing I have noticed about this website is that if is blocked then try It will work for you and you will be able to enjoy the Facebook at your College or Office.

Some of the famous proxymice servers are :


facebridge- Facebook Proxy Websites -The Best Facebook Proxy

It is just like all of the above but the difference is that you have to add the extension in the Chrome for the so that you can use it as a Facebook Proxy Website and Enjoy the Facebook in Colleges and Office.

It is very similar to the all of the above listed Facebook Proxy websites. You can update status and share any photos or videos with friends just like Facebook. You can’t distinguish between Facebook and

This was the list of the best and Free Working Proxy websites to access Facebook in the schools and offices. I have personally used this all websites and tested that all of the above listed Facebook Proxies are working for me. Hope you will be able to access the Facebook from this Facebook Proxy Websites.