How to Increase Website Traffic Without SEO

How to Get Traffic Other than SEO or Google ?

Traffic ,Visits , Page views !!!

Yes every one wants to increase the traffic of their website or a blog. Most of the people are using the Google Search Engine as a best way to get traffic by SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is the one of the best way to generate traffic. But after Google Panda and Penguin updates it is becoming more harder to get a constant web traffic from the Google.


Now you might have a question that what should we do in such a cases to get traffic without SEO? Here I’m sharing my strategy how I manage to get constant traffic on my blog without SEO.

5 effective ways to get traffic without SEO

1. Social Media

Now a days social media is the one of the best platform to get a massive traffic on your website with a less effort. yes it is right but you need to be a passionate and regular to be a king of social media.

Here I’m suggesting few websites which can give you a thousands of visits over night.

  3. Stumbleupon

Here is the snapshot from Imran Uddin’s blog


I’m sure you are already using these websites, But you need to change the way you use it. In my next post I’ll tell you how am I using this websites to get a lots of visits.

2. Be Frank in Bloggers Community

Isn’t it sounds funny ? It may be, but it is the truth. Frank as much as possible with the other bloggers and give them a credit for what they do. Either via sharing their posts on social media or by giving him a credit in a blog post. Once you mention them in a post , they will be happy to retweet to share your content on the web.

3. Interview

Now a days online Interview is like a video guest post. Either interview some one or get interviewed. This is a very good method for both of them.

Why one should Interview ?

This is a very good opportunity to make a good relation with the pro bloggers. You will be get in touch with him/her closely. Once you interview him, He will share your post with his/her large crowd which will help you to get a lots of visitors and shares. Once you provide a good link to him/her, they may give you a link back in their blog.

Read my Interview :

Interview with Akshay Makadiya : 20 Years Old Guy Making $4000+ Monthly

Why one should Get Interviewed ?

If you have achieved a little milestone in past or you are rocking in blogosphere then ping to a blogger who is posting Interviews. It will give you a lots of followers as well name and fame in network. Which will directly converted in to followers and readers of your blog. Hence if some is ready for your interview then don’t

say no. Accept and generate traffic without seo and get a list of followers.

4.Use Email Signature

This one is a very good feature of the email but most of them are not using it. I personally using it with the various social networking profiles like twitter, facebook and google plus profiles in it. More ever I link the interesting articles as the recent posts at the end of email.


Here I’ve shared the email signature of my personal email. You can create similar one for your mail.

5. Be active on forum

Forums are the best way to discuss and learn new things. Most of the forums will allows you to add your signature at the end of the post after a certain level.

Forums will give you a chance to interact with each other rather. I would like to say

Being active on forums is worth than being active on facebook.

I’m using the Warrior forum and DP forum for the traffic as well for the help and tutorials. Which will leads to generate traffic without SEO.

Hope this methods will work for you  and get a traffic without SEO on your blog. SEO is a mandatory part but still you can use this methods and get a lots of visits other than SEO.


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