What To Do When Godaddy Account locked

How to unlock Godaddy Account

isn’t the above warning make you socked ? The same this was happen with me today. I was trying to access the godaddy account after purchasing a domain name. When I was trying to log in it was not possible and shows me an error “your account is locked. contact support team.”

I was really shocked cause my godaddy account was having 10+ domain and all are active domain. I’ve tried to find their live customer support But I was unable to find it. Finally I’ve founded a way to overcome the issue of Godaddy Account locked and unlocked my account.

Your Godaddy Account is Locked !!!

Many of you may be suffering from this issue. Here is the guide to unblock the locked godaddy Account. Before I tell you the results, let me aware with the reason why your godaddy account locked?

Why my Godaddy Account locked?

It is often happen due to incorrect passwords more than 5 times. If you enter a wrong password more than 5-6 times than CAPTCHA will be shown. Even after it, your password is incorrect. At this situation Godadddy will lock your account.

Let we come to the solution part. It is very simple to unlock the locked godaddy account.

Follow the simple steps to unlock it.

Step 1: Check your mail box. ( Registered with Godaddy).

You will see a mail from their team as I’ve shown here.


snapshot of mail showing Notification

Step 2: click on the 1st link given in the mail. You will be redirected to the godaddy password reset screen. Enter your user name, email address associate with domain and security code shown in the image next to it. Click on submit.


Step 3 : As you click on submit button, you will get Authorization code from godaddy as piece of email. It will be valid for single use as well only for two hours. If this code get expired, you have to request the new code.



Step 4: Click on the Click Here shown in email. Enter your customer number. Copy Authorisation code from email and paste in the Auth code field. Enter your new password and password hint.


Step 6. Click on the submit button.

Congratulations !! You are done.

Your godaddy locked account is now unlocked. You can easily log in to your godaddy control panel with the new user name and password.

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Hope this guide will be helpful to you.

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