How to hide the specific blog from the Blogger blog list

How to hide specific blogger blog from the Blogs you have list ?

Many times you might have seen that whenver you open any blogger hosted blog and see the Profile of the owner/writer of that specific blog on that. It means he/she is the authorised author/admin of the spefic blog. In this profile there is a Name of the Creator of the blog along with the Photograph and a link at bottom where “View My Complete Profile” link is there. As you click on that link a new window opens. In which there is a list of the Blogger blogs that specific owner owns.

Now question is that how to remove/hide the specific blog from the list ? , Is it possible to hide the blogger blog from the list of blogs you have? Yes it is. In this post I’m Gonna show you how to hide the blogger blog from the list of blogs you have list. I have come across the two ways to hide the blog.Let me explain you.

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way 1 : Follow the simple steps to remove/hide the blogger blog from the list of the blogger.

Step 1. Login to your Gmail account.

Step 2. Go the Your Google Dashboard. Click here to Go to your Google Dashboard. (make sure that you are loggedin to your gmail/google account.)

Step 3. It will show you the dashboard,where the various products of the will be there. You can manage any of them listed over there. But Here we want to deal with the blogger blog only.

Step 4 Find the section listed as a blogger.

Step 5. As you will open it. There will be a link ‘ edit my Profile’. Click on that link to open the blogger profile on Select Blogs to display. Where you can see your blogger profile along with the list of blogs.

Google Dashboard

Step 6. There is a option for select the blogs to display. Click on that link will open a window with the blogger blog list and Checkbox before them.Check the specific checkbox which you want to display in the list and do not check on the blogger blog name which you don’t want to display in the list.

Hide Blogger Blog

Step 7. Save the Changes and you are done !!!

In this way you can hide your blogger blog from the list of the blogs you have.

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Way 2 : In second way you can connect the Blogger profile to the Google+ Profile. so that whenver someone will make a click on the ‘view my Complete Profile’ link, he/she will be redirected to your Google+ profile page. Don’t add that blog to your Google+ profile If you really want to hide your identity.

If you wish to redirect the blogger profile to G+ then follow the simple steps.

Step 1. Log in to your blogger Profile.

Step 2. Click on the spefic blog to Edit.

Step 3. On the left hand side you will find a vertical menu with the iteas a Post,comment,layout and etc etc. There will be a Item named “Google+”. Open it.

Step 4. As you open it , It will ask you for the authentication to redirect the blogger profile to your G+ Profile.

Step 5. Accept the agreement and you are done !!!

Now your profile is updated with the Google+. So whenever some one will make a click on the blogger profile. he/she will reach to your Google+ Profile. This was the complete guide to hide a specific blog from the Blogger blog List. Hope you will be happy with the guide. Still If you have any queries regarding this article them Feel Free to ask me as a Comment. I’ll help you to resolve the Issue. Thank you.

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