A Killer Guide increase CTR to Make More Money from Adsense 2013

How to Increase CTR is a common question to those who want to make money out of Adsense. Google Adsense  is the very popular and a effective way to make money from blog and it is the very essential parts to monetize the blog. Almost every blogger create a blog with a dream that he/she will create a blog and put the Adsense Ads in it and will make a lots of Money out of it. Yes they are doing it but Failed to make money from the adsense.

CTR stands for Click Through Rate

CTR = (Total number of Pageviews / Total Ad Clicks)

Most of them are complaining that I’m Getting lots of Visitors but I’m not getting a proper CTR. How to increase  CTR ? I’m writing this post for them who are searching for the answer of this question.

What you have to do is nothing but play with the codes and confuse the visitors. So that you will be able to Earn More from the Adsense with Legal rules and regulations of the Privacy Policy of Google Adsense.

In order to increase CTR you must have  to redesign your blog in such a way that you should have a proper space for the advertisement in the sensitive areas like Header , Sidebar and at the end of the post.

Once you implement the ad places in the blog. Use some conditional tags to confuse the readers and let they help you to increase CTR.I have already explained the Some way to Boost up the Adsense income 2013. But here I will teach you how to do it in a live blog.

How to Increase CTR of Blogger Blog ?

I would like to explain some terms regarding the CTR that CTR stands for Click Through Rate. It is the ratio of Ad Views per Ad Click. High CTR leads to make more money out of Adsense. Make your self aware about the last sentence. High CTR doesn’t stand around the 25-50. It is the Term for those who are getting their Current CTR under the 0.50 and High CTR is nothing but around 6. If you getting the higher then it for a continues time period then your adsense account may get banned. So you have a clear idea about the term High CTR.

Now Let’s come to the point. This killer trick is nothing about the swapping the Adsense Ads with the static image on the Post page and Home Page Respectively. You have to play with the simple CSS and HTML (conditional) tags to implement this trick on the blog. I’ve seen the same on the Digital Point forum. If you wish, you can add CSS3 animation to image also.

How to implement this code in blogger blog ?

1.Go to your blogger dashboard.

2.Select Template > Edit HTML.

3. Find the name or ID of the widget and put it under the Conditional Tag.

Demo :

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;’>

Adsense Code


Image URL


This will show an image on the Home page, Archieve page and Static Pages. You can customize the same with various conditions using the blogger conditional tags.

Best Ad placement to Increase CTR.

Ad placement plays a major role to increase CTR in adsense as well on the other ad networks. After a detailed experiment I’ve founded a various places which will give you maximum out of the Ads.

Best Ad Placement


Ad Under the Title will give you maximum CTR among the rest of the place in a page. Sidebar Ad is also good. Ads in footer is the worst place for Ad Placement.

Hope this guide to Increase CTR will help you to earn more money from adsense and other Ad networks. If you have any more ideas. Let you informs us via this comment form shown below.

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