How to Replace WordPress logo by your logo in Login panel

How to change WordPress logo by your logo in log in panel?

Many times I have seen this question in the forums and the various groups that how to change the default WordPress logo in log in panel by my logo? And How to replace WordPress logo by my logo ? So as a solution of this question I am writing this post and in this post I will give you the simple steps to replace WordPress logo with your logo.

By default you will see your WordPress site/blog log in panel as follows:

Wordpress Login Logo

Reason to replace WordPress logo with your own logo

Now the user want to replace this default WordPress logo with their own logo.  It is quite simple. Sometimes I have asked the users for the reason to change/replace the logo and they have give me the several replies like It looks better, It is good to have a our own logo in the log in panel of our own panel, and even some BuddyPress users give the reply that I have many users on my site and they are active, If they will see the WordPress logo every day then the reputation of my blog will get down in front of them. So if I’ll use my own logo instead of the WordPress logo then it will look better and the name of my site will strike to the user whenever he/she log in to my website/Blog. So if you like to stitch up your users to your site/blog more and more we recommend the users to replace wordpress logo with their own logo.

How to replace WordPress logo with my logo in Log in panel?


In Order to change the logo follow the steps I have mentioned below:
Step 1: First of all design your logo and save it in .png format with the dimensions as 274px width and 63px height. (274x63px)

Step 2: save the image as name “logo-login.png” (without quotes).

Step 3: Log in to your hosting account.

Step 4: open the ftp server via filezilla or any other you wish and move to the folder

Step 5: Upload the image “logo-login.png” to the folder. It will give you warning that the image with the same name already exists. Would you like to replace it? Click on OK and refresh the page.

Step 5 : now open the ,you will see that the default logo of WordPress is replaced by your own logo.

WordPress Login Logo


Now whenever your users will open your log in panel to enter in your site then they will see the logo of your website instead of WordPress logo. Enjoy the new look of WordPress log in panel with your own logo. If you are facing any problem to replace the logo ,feel free to comment below our team will help you.

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