How to Right Click on touch Screen laptop-tablets (Windows 8)

How to Right Click on touch Screen laptop-tablets (Window 8)

Before a couple of days one of my friend bought a new Sony Full Touch Screen Laptop but he don’t know how do he can right click on touch screen laptop. I think the same question will be arises in the mind of the fully touch screen tablets users. As  a solution for them and many more friends like him, I’m writing this post under title ” How do I Right click on touch screen laptops-tablets.”

Now a days it is a trend for the Windows 8 operating systems and almost Windows devices are Touch screen. But for Windows “Right-click” is the old trend which hasn’t embraces in the one of the most popular OS iphone.

right click on touch screen

all the windows supported mice are with 2 buttons and the scrolling wheel in between them. Usually user click “Left Click ” button to select the particular file or folder where as the “Right-click” button is used to get the options for that specific file. Now the main question is that Touch screen devices such a touch screen laptop or tablets do not have a mouse in it , so the question arise is that how do I right click ? Is it possible to right click on touch screen devices ?

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Yes, you can right click on the touch screen laptops as well the tablets as follows:

step 1 . Put your finger on  the specific file or folder on which you would like to “right click” , After you do so, slightly slide the finger downwards and after few ( around 2 seconds) you will see a rotating circle on the specific file or Folder.

Step 2.  Now leave the finger from the screen and you will see the right click menu on the specific file or folder.

Step 3.  Now you can do any of the action that can be done with it.

I have personally tried this on the Sony Touch screen laptop and Tablet too. It is working very well with me. Hope it will work with you.Still One of my friend ask me :

How can I copy-paste the selected files to the another folder.

The funda of right click on touch screen devices applies here.

In order to copy paste a selected files and Folder to the another Folder you have to follow the simple steps as described below.

Step 1 :  Select the folder with pressing CTRL key .

step 2: Put your finger slightly on the any of the selected folder for 2 seconds and scroll down gently.

Step 3. Release the key as you see the circle around your  finger. As you release the finger from the screen . There will be a menu with the items. Select the copy option and go to the desired Folder.

Step 4. Once more touch the screen for few seconds and scroll down very slowly and release the Finger. you will see a menu with item “PASTE”.  Touch the paste and you are done.

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You will see that the selected files and folder are copied to the specific folder. Still If you have any Problem feel free to ask in the comment form below.

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