How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy s3 step by step

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy SIII Free: Unlock Samsung Galaxy s3 in India under Few Minutes

Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the ever Best phone released in the market. and according to me It should be declared as a Android Device of the year 2012 OR it should be rewarded as a cell of the year 2012. By default Samsung Galaxy s3 is locked phone you can not use the SIM card of the other Operator in it But In this Post I’m Gonna show you How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy s3 under few minutes and some people may call it as how to break the lock of Samsung Galaxy s3.

In Order to Unlock the Samsung Galaxy sIII you will need some software and What are they I am explaining Below.

1) You need a Samsung Galaxy SIII GT-I9300 mobile. Other versions of Samsung Galaxy s3 probably will not be unlocked by this process.

2.) The phone must be rooted. Because Rooting is necessary for the access of  the system area of the phone where the network lock keys can be found easily.If you don’t know how to root the Samsung Galaxy s3 I will Explain it in my next post.

3) Backup your all data before proceeding.

We are not sure that your phone will be unlocked 100%. More ever we are not saying that It will not happen but But an accident is an accident.Author or the Website is not Responsible for the any issue happen with your device.Sure we will help you but not Responsible.

How to unlock samsung galaxy s3 step by step

step 1 : you will need an Android Application to Unlock your Samsung Galaxy s3 device and you can download it from here.

Step 2: Transfer the downloaded file to SG3 and Install it.

Step 3: Press the “Query SIM lock as seen from system” to know your phone locking status.

Step 4:You can see a yellow message on it with ,“ SIM lock: active”.

Step 5:Press the “Unlock” button.

Step 6: It will unlock your Samsung galaxy s3 in few seconds.

Step 7:Now press the “Query SIM…” button again to check whether the unlocking SG3 process was successful or not.

Step 8: If It was successful then It will show a message “SIM lock: inactive”

Congratulations ! you are done you have successfully Unlocked your Samsung galaxy s3 GT-I9300 mobile. If you have any Problems or the Issues while trying to Unlock the the Device then please share with us. Cause It will be helpful for those people who are going to unlock Samsung mobile by this method. And Our Team will Also Give you the Reply of your Problems.

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