How to Make Your Laptop in to Wi-Fi hot spot (Router) in Windows 8

Make Your Windows 8 Laptop in to Wi-Fi hot spot ( Router )

Read How to make Windows 8 installed Laptop a Little Wi-fi hot spot in order to share the Internet. Your Laptop will work as a Wi-Fi Router and other Wi-Fi enabled devices can Connect via it and use your Internet from Laptop.

Windows 8 Wifi

How To make Laptop in to Wi-Fi hot spot (Router) in Windows 8?

There are several Methods to Tun your Window 8 Installed Laptop in to a wi-fi Hot spot. One is Using the external Software and Second is using the command Prompt and the windows 8 system only ( Without External Software ).

make your Laptop in to Wi-Fi Router (window 8) without external software.

In order to create a Wi-Fi hot spot in windows 8 laptop, you have to follow the some steps as mention below. If the Process will execute successfully then your laptop will be converted in to a Wi-Fi hot spot so that other Wi-Fi enabled devices like mobile and Other laptops can use your Internet.

Step 1.)  Open Run command Box using Pressing Windows + R key in your Keyboard. Type ncpa.npl and Hit Enter.


Step 2. ) You will see that a new window is open. Select the Wireless network adapter from the Network and sharing center. After that Right Click and Select Properties.

How to Right Click on touch Screen laptop-tablets (Windows 8)


Step 3.) Now Switch the tab to Sharing tab and click on the Check box right to Allow Other Users to Connect Through this computer’s Internet connection and unchecked the second option Allow Other Users to Control.


Step 4.) Open administrative command prompt using the right click on the bottom of the page and select Command Prompt (Admin)


Step 5.) Now its time for some Commands. use netsh command as mention below.

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=”techbymak” key=”techbymak”

Windows 8 CMD

Here SSID is the Name of your Network you are going to create and Key is the WPA2-PSK (AES) encrypted Password to make your connection more secure.

Step 6.) Now broadcast the Network using the command

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

start wifi windows8

You are Done !! You can see that your Laptop is converted in to a wifi hot spot without any external software.

If you want to know that How many devices are connected to your devices then you can simply run one command called “netsh wlan show hostednetwork” and see the other devices connected to your Wi-Fi hot spot.

netsh wlan show hostednetwork

Connected Device in Wi-Fi hotspot

You can see in the screen that the Connected devices to your Wi-Fi hot spot along with the details like Mode , SSID name, Status and total Number of Clients connected.

this was the way to turn your laptop in to a Wi-Fi hot spot in windows 8 without any external software. Even you can Do the same with the Help of third party software. I will tell you this in my next post. Hope you will Enjoy a Post on how to make laptop as a wifi hotspot in windows 8.

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  1. Hi, Thank you! This is really very easy to understand and implement my Laptop in to Wi-Fi Router (window 8) without external software. I purchased laptops and accessories by this site.

    • Hi, i have followed all the steps and have the final screen up and working but how do i then connect? ive gone into my phone and searched for wifi connections but nothing is coming up. have i missed the final step? or do i need to name my connection somehow?

  2. hey I just enabled as you said above but im unable to access this wifi on my mobile will give any solution to this

    • It may happens due to the internal configuration of your mobile cell phone or you mac address may be blocked. Try again if you are facing the same problem again then PM me. I will help you to resolve the Issue.
      Thank you.

  3. For some time ( a few weeks ) this worked… but now when i try to connect to the network i created it says ‘Connected with limited connectivity’.. how do i fix this?

  4. John Brandenstein says:

    i have comcast and its not wifi just ethernet. i wanted to share my internet with my phone so i could use my internet while at home. i can get my phone to connect but not access the internet well. it has internet connection i know that because i can use the internet to get on google and facebook but nothing else. i think its just because the speed is really slow. how can i fix this

  5. hello, in my blackberry said “Failed to obtain an IP address”. how can i fix this? thanks

  6. I will try this one. I often use my smartphone as wifi hotspot and the battery gets drained easily.

  7. Set up the IP address in your system and as per the Proxy Setting in your laptop , enter the same IP in mobile. Your Issue may get resolved.

  8. Sujay Kumar says:

    When I use first time then all steps completed successfully. But when I try to connect my mobile through wifi. It shows some authentication problem.
    Then I leave that for hours, after that when I again try to make wifi hotspot. it will created. but the time of starting it shows” the hosted network could not be started. the group or resources is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation.

  9. thanx dude…it really helped me a lot.but when i tried it on my samsung galaxy s2, it asked for the paswrd as it is wpa2 typ connection. what shall i enter, and any other tweak, i need to do to make my laptop a wifi hub, so that i can easily connect it to my phone.

    Kindly help me out.

    • You have to Enter a password for the Seurity Purpose. So that Others can not connect to your wi-fi Hotspot made in laptop.

    • Manasij Das says:

      Hi akshay I tried using a paswrd of my own.but I get a popup message on the phne ” incorrect password”.. is there any specific pasword match. Kindly explain me the process for connecting after the necessary has been done.plz.
      And evry time I restrt, do I have to configre the same always.

  10. Hi I tried it but it said “Hosted network couldn’t be started. The group or resource is not in correct state to perform the requested operation

  11. hey when i writ the second cod that is netsh wlan start hostednetwork and press enter it says couldn’t be started ?!?!
    what to do?

  12. Dude it’s asking for a password in my cell
    What do I punch in

  13. uday rathore says:

    what is going to be the password???…..techbymak is not working

  14. Sreyas says:

    what is the password ? every time I try to connect it to my Xperia its asking for a password.. from where do I change it or modify it ?

  15. Giriraj Sharma says:

    I am using MBlaze modem for internet. How can I share this connection with my roommates? Please help.

  16. humptydumpty says:

    Hi. When I write the second command, it says ‘The hosted network couldnt be started. The group and resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation’

    Help please?

  17. faisal says:

    salam….the password is techbymak…..mentioned above….but in my xperia it is showing some authenticating problem…..and when i tried to connect another laptop its connectivity is limited….what should i do???

  18. sathya says:

    hi everything worked fine but atlast when i try to start its showing as “The hosted network couldnt be started”the group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the operation,plz help in this

  19. amritash says:

    dude my phone is connected but im unable to share my net via tata photon

  20. I am connected by LAN on my laptop. This doesn’t seem to allow that to share. Am I missing something? Is it possible to share it?

  21. akash gurung says:

    It says the device attached to this isnt functioning .what has happened to it?

  22. imcreynolds07 says:

    Hi, I had no problems setting the network up and plugged in my own password. When I attempted to connect with my iPhone 4S, I typed the password in, hit enter, and waited. At that point my phone just continued to try connecting with the little loading circle going around, but never actually connected. Would you have any suggestions?

  23. ok I have gone thru the procedures but unfortunately I cannot connect to the internet and I want to undo the whole thing – how do I go about it because each time I’m tryin to run other software like mhotspot and freeWiFiHotspot I can no longer connect like I did before

  24. I followed the steps, but at the end when I try to connect my smartphone, it cannot connect. says “Trying to obtain IP address…” and goes like that forever. However, when I check the status on the laptop, it shows the mac address of the phone and it says Authenticated.

  25. hey how to make a wifi hotspot through a usb modem

    • Hello Oshada Better you use Connectify.It will create your laptop as a router and other laptop,mobile and computer can connect with it and use the Internet from your laptop.

  26. Mehulkumar says:

    hey, i have do as you said, but did not connected with my mobile… can search in my mobile but it did not connected……

  27. i am not able to use internet of my laptops hot spot into my phone ,although everything is done perfectly without any errors,please help me out…
    i am using m hot spot.

  28. Kindly, please tell me how could I create a password and should we repeat the same procedure every time I start my laptop?

  29. what is the password.. i am using a s3… nd i did as u said… it has become a hotspot… its showing in my wifi… bt what is the password…?? i tried ‘techbymak’ but there is no response…!!! helpp
    i m using a windows 8.. dell touch laptop…!!!!!

    or simply just tell me how to undo it… how to do it back to normal… how to off this hotspot !!

    help help help

  30. amit arora says:

    dude i am using samsung note 2 ,after following all the steps on connecting my mobile it is asking for the password.the pasword entered is not accepted by mobile.what to do…help help help…using windows 8 and its showing strong wifi range on getting connected.using fixed lan cable.
    reply soon

  31. LivEDragoN says:

    all goes good but when i start hostednetwork, it says,”the hostednetwork cannot be started. a device attached to the system is not functioning” …… i dont know which device is it talking about as my dongle is working fine, even my wlan is fine….. can u tell which other device it might be which is creating this trouble..?????

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