How to Make Your Laptop in to Wi-Fi hot spot (Router) in Windows 8

Make Your Windows 8 Laptop in to Wi-Fi hot spot ( Router )

Read How to make Windows 8 installed Laptop a Little Wi-fi hot spot in order to share the Internet. Your Laptop will work as a Wi-Fi Router and other Wi-Fi enabled devices can Connect via it and use your Internet from Laptop.

Windows 8 Wifi

How To make Laptop in to Wi-Fi hot spot (Router) in Windows 8?

There are several Methods to Tun your Window 8 Installed Laptop in to a wi-fi Hot spot. One is Using the external Software and Second is using the command Prompt and the windows 8 system only ( Without External Software ).

make your Laptop in to Wi-Fi Router (window 8) without external software.

In order to create a Wi-Fi hot spot in windows 8 laptop, you have to follow the some steps as mention below. If the Process will execute successfully then your laptop will be converted in to a Wi-Fi hot spot so that other Wi-Fi enabled devices like mobile and Other laptops can use your Internet.

Step 1.)  Open Run command Box using Pressing Windows + R key in your Keyboard. Type ncpa.npl and Hit Enter.


Step 2. ) You will see that a new window is open. Select the Wireless network adapter from the Network and sharing center. After that Right Click and Select Properties.

How to Right Click on touch Screen laptop-tablets (Windows 8)


Step 3.) Now Switch the tab to Sharing tab and click on the Check box right to Allow Other Users to Connect Through this computer’s Internet connection and unchecked the second option Allow Other Users to Control.


Step 4.) Open administrative command prompt using the right click on the bottom of the page and select Command Prompt (Admin)


Step 5.) Now its time for some Commands. use netsh command as mention below.

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=”techbymak” key=”techbymak”

Windows 8 CMD

Here SSID is the Name of your Network you are going to create and Key is the WPA2-PSK (AES) encrypted Password to make your connection more secure.

Step 6.) Now broadcast the Network using the command

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

start wifi windows8

You are Done !! You can see that your Laptop is converted in to a wifi hot spot without any external software.

If you want to know that How many devices are connected to your devices then you can simply run one command called “netsh wlan show hostednetwork” and see the other devices connected to your Wi-Fi hot spot.

netsh wlan show hostednetwork

Connected Device in Wi-Fi hotspot

You can see in the screen that the Connected devices to your Wi-Fi hot spot along with the details like Mode , SSID name, Status and total Number of Clients connected.

this was the way to turn your laptop in to a Wi-Fi hot spot in windows 8 without any external software. Even you can Do the same with the Help of third party software. I will tell you this in my next post. Hope you will Enjoy a Post on how to make laptop as a wifi hotspot in windows 8.


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