How to Get Organic Traffic From Spam Comments?

Get Organic Traffic From Spam Comments

If you own a tech blog with High PR then you might feel a common Issue with the problem that “I’m getting too much spam comments on my blog. How to stop it? ” But My answer is that do not stop that Comments. Let those comments. I will show you the path to get traffic from those spam Comments. Isn’t it sound great? Free traffic and Through spam comments? Yes it is possible.

How to convert spam comments in to Real time Traffic ?

Before i explain you the way let me give you my self-example so that You can have an idea. What to do and how to do? Before few days I have Posted a trick – Get the .com domain at Lowest Price 2012-2013. This post is ranking for the several keywords in Google. So once a Spammer come to my blog and tried to post a spam comment on the post. I was happy . You will have a question in mind that why was I happy even that fellow has make a spam comment on my blog, In order to promote his website?

What I have do is, simply Remove his URL from the comment and approved. Now see the result. His comment was

” There are much better coupons available for domain registration..

Godaddy $0.99 registration

BigRock 159 Rs registration and many more!!”

After some time’s I have look at the source of my Traffic and see that I was on the #1 for keyword “bigrock 159 domain” . Even the keyword is not included in my post. Isn’t it amazing?

Spam comment of the Top of Google
Spam comment of the Top of Google

I hope you will get an idea to covert the spam comment in to real time traffic. Still if you are trouble let me explain you what to do.

  • Don’t Reject or spam the comment even it looks spam.
  • Have a look at the content of the comment. If it is similar to the blog post then feel free to approve it but before approve make sure that you have edited it and removed the URL of the spammer from it. Otherwise reject the comment and wait of the new Comment.

So the thing is that if the comment is somewhat relevant to your blog or the content then feels Free to Approve. It will help you to drive a Natural traffic from search engine. Still If you have any more queries related to the spam comments and traffic. You are free to ask it in the comment form given below.

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