What is PageRank and How to increase it ?

PageRank is not something that is tough to understand. It is just a numerical value from 0 to 10 assigned by Google to individual pages to determine their value. It is one those factors that determine a page’s position in search results.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed PageRank because at that time when search engines were linking the pages that had highest keyword density, webmaster were fooling search engines by using the same keywords many times in their text.

The PageRank feature is patented by Stanford and most probably it is named after Larry Page.

What does PageRank do?

Google PageRank 2014

As mentioned above, PageRank is meant to determine the importance of a web-page.
The main concept behind PageRank is that it gives higher importance to web-pages which have more number of links leading to them. In short, it counts number of backlinks as votes. More number of votes you have the more chances of your web-page appearing on top of search results.

This is method of measuring web-page value is quite fair as many people link to those pages which have relevant information.
One more thing about PageRank criteria is that it measures it gives a higher importance to backlinks from high authority sites i.e. 1 backlink from a PR4 website is more valuable than many PR 0 or PR 1 backlinks.

How to increase your PageRank?

Well, this is quite a common question among newbie blogger who probably blog about blogging. Increasing your PageRank is good as it increases your value on the web.

Here I have listed some proven methods of increasing your PageRank and getting higher authority on the internet.

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Blog Commenting: Fetching backlinks by commenting on “Dofollow” blogs is a great and quite easy. You need to list some competitor websites under your niche for “Dofollow” blog comments and make comments there. You should use proper keywords and chances are that you’ll get a good PageRank by just commenting. Many people have achieved PR 3 to 4 by this method.

Directory listing: Your profile on high authority directories with a backlink to your blog/website can provide you link juice, eventually increasing your pagerank. It is recommended that you list your site on at least 20 directories to boost your pagerank. You can find these directories by using Google.

Guest Blogging: Guest Blogging is one of the most used method to increase page-rank. It is quite simple yet time consuming. You can get backlinks from high authority websites by writing relevant posts for their blogs in return of a Dofollow backlinks. So, write high quality and unique articles and you can get a backlink from a PR 5 or 6 blog that accepts guest posts.
Make your blog comments as Nofollow: Almost all blogs have Nofollow attribute for hyperlinks in comments by default but if your blog does not have this setting then do it now. If you have a lot of Dofollow outgoing links then there are chances that your PR will go down.

So, here were some useful techniques to increase pagerank. Let us know which method do you use to get a better PR in the comment section below.

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  1. Getting good pagerank by just commenting on other site is the best and easy way i think. Useful info.

    Thanks for sharing this man.

  2. This Guide to Pagerank will definately help .This article is good for all.

  3. Mrlazy says:

    Well can you describe how can i get high PR backlinks from guest blogging??
    i cant understand this senetence
    “You can get backlinks from high authority websites by writing relevant posts for their blogs in return of a Dofollow backlinks.”
    please describe it..
    thanks in advance

  4. Krishna says:

    Commenting and Directory submitting are one of the good way to increase pagerank. Submiting blogs on stumble, reddit and so on will give some nice traffic to your blog too…..

    • Hello Krishna,
      Of course the commenting the Directory submission will help you. But now a days Natural backlink is more powerful then all of the mentioned above.
      Try to get some good quality natural backlinks.

  5. Akhilnath says:

    Thanks for sharing such a nice information

  6. You are most welcome Akhilnath,
    We are always trying our level best to help the readers with the useful information..
    Hope you will get a Good PR in next pagerank update 2014.

  7. Mrlazy,
    Many websites allows the Guest posting where you have to write a post for them. In return they will give you a do-follow backlinks in author bio.

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