Pokemon X and Y (Pokemon 3D ) will available to download soon

Pokemon X and Y (Pokemon 3D ) will available to download soon

Isn’t is this amazing that the one of the most popular game Pokemon x and y  is coming in a 3D mode and users will get a chance to play the POKEMon as a Pokemon 3D. Pokemon “x” and “y” were launched in the October 2012 last year.

Nintendo’s 3DS gaming system has released “Pokemon Rumble Blast” as a first game and now its time to enjoy the same game with the updated version and many more extra features.

Till Now there is a no game  under the category of the fully polygonal 3D Games. But Pokemon “x” and “y” will be the first game which belongs to the category of fully polygonal 3D games. more ever this will realize the feelings and Power of the 3D games.

If you don’t know , I would like to informs you that “Mario” is the largest video gaming franchise in the world, and Pokemon is the second. All the gaming lovers are very happy after the news of Pokemon 3D and this will boost up trend of 3D games among the gaming Society. One will able to download Pokemon 3d in the October 2013 since it will announced in the October 2013.

More ever Nintendo’s gave us a the pair of Legendary Pokémon that are appeared in the new game’s trailer before Two days.Let we glace at those new entries in the Pokemon.

One is Xerneas and Other is Yveltal.

let we discuss something more on Xerneas.It is the rainbow-antlered buck which was  founded in the woods in the trailer. The name is pronounced as “ZURR-nee-us.”Now look at the images of Xerneas.

xerneas 3D Pokemon picture

Now Look at the image and Little info about the second latest Pokemon Yveltal, Pronounced as a “ee-VELL-tall”.Yveltal  is seems like red Legendary bird which was glowing. Look at the image of Yveltal.


Hope you will be happy with the news that Pokemon X and Y (Pokemon 3D ) will available to download soon. Since it is Relased.

Photo Creadit:Nintendo

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