Rel=”Author” Google Authorship Guide for Blogger and WordPress

Google Authorship Guide to Get your name under your post in Google search

Hope you are well aware with the Google Author Verification method and what is it.  Now a days Google is updating its features and the becoming more Personalized after the evolution of the Google+. let we look at the Google Authorship and how to get it in very few steps. By adding Google authorship to your blog you can enhance your SERP’s Display in the Search Engine and will add your name and image (Google+ Profile picture) to the link in Search Result. Of Course the Google has explained it in Google webmaster tools But I have tried to make it little easy and quick for you .

What is Google authorship (Rel=author) and Importance ?

This is a new feature implemented by Google to make the search result more personalized. If you are blogger and Blogging for the some post then you can claim that specific blog or specific post is Yours only.It will add the more reputation to become an expert blogger as well it will help you to attract the readers towards you. Let me give you an example If you are searching for the Google Algorithm Updates then there would be a many results on the first page and I’m sure One will be of Barry Schwartz with his name and image so the readers will be more attract towards him cause the people know that he is an expert in specific field so the readers will love the articled written by the Experts of the specific field. "Google Authorship"Check out your self which looks more better and catchy. According to the survey by private website 80%+ people used to click on the url with Google Authorship can Implement the Google Authorship on your blog if you are a blogger or guest blogger.You can implement it on your blogger blog or WordPress blog.let me explain you how?

Install Google Authorship ( rel=”me” and rel=”author” ) for Blogger Blog  

In order to setup the Google Authorship on the blogger blog follow the simple steps suggested by me to get your name and image in the Google search under your post.

Step 1: Create about me page in your Blog and write something about you with the rel=”author” in the links as <a href=”” rel=”author”>Your Name</a>

Step 2:In About me page add your Google+ Profile link with rel=”me” for example: <a href=”[your_profile]” rel=”me”>Your Google+ Profile</a>

Step 3: Open your google+ Profile. Edit your profile page by updating the “Contributer to” area

google plus profile Contributer


You are almost Done. Still if you are facing the problem then add the author page under each post describing the info about author. Hope you will enjoy the complete guide to add authorship to your blogger blog.


Install Google Authorship ( rel=”me” and rel=”author” ) for WordPress Blog

You can install the Google+ authorship in your WordPress blog by two ways. One is the manual way and other is you can add authorship by adding WordPress plugin.Let me explain you the way to add the Google authorship in your WordPress blog.

In order to install the authorship in your WordPress page sign in to your blog’s Dashboard and go to Users >>Your Profile.

Under this page edit the Contact Info and add your Google Plus profile URL to the respective column as shown in the picture.

WordPress Author Info

<a href=””>Akshay</a> Which will look like  – Make sure that you have use the rel=author tag at the end of the Google profile URL.

Add this blog url to your google+ profile as mentioned above in the step 2.

Best Plugins for WordPress authorship in WordPress blog

You can add to your WordPress blog by adding several plugins to your blog and get indexed in the Google with the name and image. If your blog contains more authors then use Google authorship for multiple authors free plugin provided by WordPress and enjoy.

I have come across two more WordPress plugins for author=rel and these are

1. Allow REL= and HTML in Author Bios

2. Authorsure Rel=Author Plugin

Hope you will enjoy this Article and Get Rel=author in your blog and Google authorship.

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