ResponSoon A responsive Coming Soon Blogger Template [Free]

ResponSoon Blogger Template -Coming Soon Responsive Blogger Template


Template Name: ResponSoon Coming Soon Responsive Blogger Template
Platform: Blogger / Blogspot
Release date : 16 March 2013
Author :
License : Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

ResponSoon is a coming soon Responsive Blogger template. Before a couple of days the admin of techbymak has decided to make a Responsive blogger template and finally we got success to create the ResponSon Blogger template.

Why the name is ResponSoon ?

The Word ResponSoon is made up of two words i,e. Responsive + Coming Soon.

This theme will help you to decorate your blog whenever it is under Construction or coming soon.You can customize the fonts, texts and time as per your need.Hence you will get a new look.

Features of ResponSoon Blogger Template:

  1. Responsive : It is the Reponsive blogger template which will shrink it self according to the size of the browser.It is a very nice plus point of this template.
    ResponSoon Blogger Template
  2. Social-share: In the Footer of the template there are a various social share buttons, which will help your readers to stay in touch with them.One of the  prominent feature of these share buttons can be observed by mouse Hover them.There are total 7 social sharing buttons including the Facebook,Twitter,Linked In, Google +, Pinterest,YouTube and Email.
  3. Clean and White: This template is almost contains the gradient of Black and White color only. This will help the page to load faster and Faster loading speed will help you to improve the SEO.
  4. CSS3 + Jquery : All the Countdown functions and backgrounds are designed with the CSS3 and Jquery. Which will increase the blog loading speed.
  5. Free: Main and the Excellence Feature of this template is that It is 100% free to Download and use it in your blog. In order to Download RepsonSoon Responsive Blogger Template for Free.You must have to Enter Your Email Address below and Subscribe Us.You will be Able to download it for Free.

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Enjoy the Coming Soon Free Responsive blogger template .

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