Top 5 Gadgets For Bloggers #blogging2013

Top 5 Must Have Gadgets For Bloggers

In 2012, being an online blogger can be an exciting way for writers to bring in some cash and share love for their favorite topics; however, bloggers have the unique task of making their writing interesting enough to keep readers coming back for more. Bloggers, to keep up with the times, should make sure they are utilizing the latest tech gadgets to make their lives easier and writings sharp.Read more about the Gadgets for Bloggers.

Bloggers can give themselves a needed “upgrade” by investing in the today’s latest technology.

1. Digital Cameras

A digital camera is a must for bloggers young and old; attractive photos in a blog post can instantly grab hold of and maintain a reader’s attention throughout the read. While downloading stock photography from photo sites or Google images can be tempting, bloggers who take their own photos are able to uniquely color a blog with genuine appeal. An image speaks a thousand words, so why not liven up your article with a thousand words more.
camera and blogging

2. Ergonomic Keyboard

As writers know, typing for an extended period can give their fingers quite the work out. Bloggers would do well to ensure they are using a high quality, ergonomic keyboards to reduce wear on their fingers and hands. As bloggers tend to spend many hours slumped in front of a computer screen, the need for ergonomic equipment becomes all the more necessary.

3. Ultrabook

To reduce frustration, avid bloggers should know the benefit to using laptops that work with them, not against them. Brand new Ultrabooks, containing Intel’s powerful core “i” processors, are available to offer lightning fast speeds, plenty of storage space, touch screen technology, quick sleep resume, and other exciting features to authors who demand efficiency and quality performance. Using shoddy, outdated equipment will only serve to add stress and reduced output to bloggers who like to pump out quality in quantity.

4. Memory

Memory and BloggingFor those who aren’t ready to make the plunge by buying a new PC or laptop, a memory upgrade might just do the trick. Bloggers will often multitask, and if doing so on a computer that just can’t hack it, adding additional memory may be just what the doctor ordered. Memory upgrades are a relatively inexpensive way to give existing equipment a needed speed boost.

5. Headphones

Believe it or not, owning quality headphones can prove to be quite handy in a bloggers arsenal. Many bloggers like to play music while they write, yet may not be in a living situation hip to their trendy, modern music choices; with a quality pair of headphones, a blogger can fall into a nice, steady groove when writing for long periods. For bloggers who values completeĀ EmersonĀ in their musical haven, perhaps consider noise-canceling headphones that provides best sound and silencing capabilities.

Bloggers in need of an upgrade should beef up their tech arsenal to the latest and greatest technology products; whether it be by purchasing a new computer to simply obtaining some ergonomic office equipment, enhancing a blogging atmosphere is a recipe for increased productivity, reduced stress, and better writing. The internet is, as always, the best best place to find these products; Many sites have excellent deals on digital cameras, laptops, digital cameras, external hard drives, and more.

Bloggers who are sick of using 1.0 gear can “tech up” to the 2.0 world with today’s best tech gadgets!

Hope you will be happy with the article focus on “Gadgets for Blogger” This guest post is written by Courtney Lee, a tech lover who enjoys sharing his experiences as a blogger with online readers. When he is not blogging, you can catch Courtney sipping coffee outside cafes, taking pictures of sunsets on his digital camera, and feeding pigeons at a nearby park.

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