Win8 Startbutton to get old Style Start menu in Windows 8

How to get back Old style StartButton in Windows 8 ?

A new and the caching feature of Windows 8 that draws the eyes of users is a menu without “Start Button” that was most preferably used in windows 7
Hope you might have come across the several apps for the windows 8. Today I come up with a new apps called Win8 StartButton that will helps you to get back old style start menu in windows 8.

Win8 Startbutton to get back old style start menu in windows8

This is specially designed for those who loves the windows 8 But can’t miss the old style Start Button that was used in the previous windows Operating systems.

How to Install Win8 StartButton in Windows 8?

It it quite easy to install the Win8 startButton on Windows 8 . First of Download Win8 StartButton and install it on your system Using the Windows 8 Operating system. You can download it from the above link and it is free.

As you Install this software you will see that a typical windows start orb will appear at the left bottom corner of the screen.If you will click on that orb , a start menu with two vertical pane will be there. Which will almost seems like the old start menu that were used in the Windows 7 and old operating system,On the left hand side of the start menu you will see a list of programs install in your system with a search button at the Bottom of the pane. On the right hand side of the vertical pane you will see the list of folders to access your laptop/PC like media , documents, settings , run and etc. At the bottom of the right hand side pane of the start menu you will come across the old style shutdown button. Clicking on it will leads your system to be shutdown and clicking on the arrow near to the Shutdown will give you a choice like Restart,Sleep, Hibernate the system.

Right click on the org will give you a choice to select the mode of the start button. Specific style of the start button that whether you want classic start button,Windows xp style or Windows 7. Also there is a option for the on click event and the on press event for the start menu. you can Customize then according to your choice.

Features of Win8 StartButton for Windows 8 

  • A very first feature is that It is free to download and use.
  • Get back your old style start menu in windows 8
  • Make ‘desktop mode’ as your default Windows 8 startup screen
  • Change look and appearance with different modes 
  • Helps you to restore all known and famous menus.

Two more features added by this Software (optional) is that

  1. Torch Browser -It is a web browser similar to the Google chrome with inbuilt video grabber feature, torrent manager and many more.
  2. Media Player Classic – It is a light weight media player with all major extension support.

Hope will enjoy the tutorial to use Win8 Starbutton to get back old style start menu in Windows 8 operating system.

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